Tivoli 252: WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.0, Core Administration

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1 - Architecture (11%)

A. Discuss the relationships between IBM WebSphere Application Server, V6.0 and the application components (e.g., browser, HTTP server, plug-in, firewall, database servers, WebSphere MQ, load balancing, ip spraying, etc.)

B. Evaluate the design considerations of IBM WebSphere Application Server, V6.0 packaging and installation in an enterprise environment (e.g., LDAP, database servers, Service Integration Bus Technology (SIB), etc.)

C. Articulate the various components of IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, V6.0 runtime architecture

D. Describe workload management and failover strategies using IBM WebSphere Application Server, V6.0 High Availability Manager

2 - Installation/Configuration of Application Server (13%)

A. Identify installation options and determine the desired configuration (e.g., silent install, required/desired plug-ins etc.)

B. Install WebSphere Application Server and create profiles

C. Verify the installation (e.g., ivt, verification using sample (snoop and/or hitcount)

D. Troubleshoot the installation (e.g., identify and analyze log files)

3 - Application Assembly and Deployment and Server Resource Configuration (11%)

A. Describe the name service management of WebSphere Application Server (JNDI)

B. Objective Removed

C. Use Application Server Toolkit (AST) for packaging J2EE applications, including Enhanced Ear Files

D. Use WebSphere Rapid Deploy (WRD), Fine Grained Application Updates and Rollout Update

E. Define and map security roles (e.g., J2EE security)

F. Define JDBC providers and data sources (e.g., resource scoping)

G. Configure J2C resource adapters, connection factories (resource scoping) and Message Driven Bean Activation Spec

4 - Security (11%)

A. Implement security policies (e.g., authentication and authorization (using different security registeries), etc.)

B. Protect WebSphere resources

C. Define and implement WebSphere administrative security

D. Configure WebSphere plug-in to use SSL

5 - Workload Management/Scalability/Failover (13%)

A. Federate nodes (including custom profiles)

B. Create clusters and cluster members

C. Evaluate session state failover options (memory-to-memory, database persistence)

D. Create and configures DRS (Data Replication Service) replication domains

6 - Maintenance and Performance Tuning (19%)

A. Manage application configurations (e.g., application bindings, tune HTTP session configuration parameters such as timeout value, persistence, etc.)

B. Perform WebSphere backup/restore and Archive Configuration tasks

C. Monitor size of logs/files and backup/purge as needed

D. Manage the plug-in configuration file (e.g., regenerate, edit, propagate, etc.)

E. Tune performance of WebSphere Application Server (e.g., configure caching, queuing and pooling parameters, tune JVM heap size, etc.)

F. Use Integrated Tivoli Performance Viewer/Runtime Advisor to gather information about resources and analyze results

G. Tune data source configuration (e.g., connection pooling, timeouts, etc.)

H. Configure class loader parameters

7 - Problem Determination Applications (15%)

A. Configure, review and analyze logs (e.g., web server, IBM WebSphere Application Server, V6.0, etc.)

B. Use Log Analyzer tool to identify problems

C. Use trace facility (e.g., activating, selecting criteria, starting/stopping, JRAS, etc.)

D. Filter and review console messages

E. Use First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) Tool

F. Use the JNDI dumpNameSpace utility

G. Perform troubleshooting tasks (e.g., thread dump, JVM core dump, and remote debugging, etc.)

8 - Systems Administration Tasks (*covers one time administrative tasks) (7%)

A. Perform cell administration (e.g., deployment manager, federate nodes; create clusters etc.)

B. Perform administrative console and wsadmin tasks

C. Configure WebSphere JMS providers file.



Course title: IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 Administration
Course number: SW246 or WF381 (Worldwide)
Course duration: 4 Days
Course abstract: This course teaches students how to install, configure, and maintain IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 "base" and "Network Deployment", and to deploy enterprise Java applications in a single machine or clustered environment.

Course title: Transition to IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 for Administrators
Course number: SW248 or WF611 (Worldwide)
Course duration: 3 Days


Publication title: Draft - WebSphere Application Server V6 System Management & Configuration Handbook
Author: Carla Sadtler et al
Order number: ISBN 0738492019
Abstract: This Redbook provides system administrators, developers and architects with the knowledge to configure a WebSphere Application Server V6 runtime environment, to package and deploy Web applications and to perform ongoing management of the WebSphere environment.

Publication title: WebSphere Security Fundamentals
Authors: Peter Kovari
Order number: REDP-39944-00
Abstract: This Redpaper is an overview of IT Security for WebSphere products. It provides basic information about IT security and specific details of WebSphere Security.

Publication title: WebSphere Server V6: Security Handbook
Authors: Peter Kovari et al
Order number: ISBN 0738491128
Abstract: This Redbook focus on security and security related topics. It provides technical details to design and implement secure solutions with WebSphere.

Publication title: DRAFT WebSphere Application Server V6: Scalability and Performance Handbook
Authors: Birgit Roehm et al
Order number: ISBN 0738490601
Abstract: This Draft Redbook discusses various options for scaling applications based on IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 Network Deployment.


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